code of conduct

sometimes it is better to mention a few rules explicitly, although they should clear to everybody. for the neuropil project we have decided to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. the development team of pi-lar? will act as a project maintainer and will act accordingly.

branches / tags

we will use feature branches for the development as described by the github workflow as described here. you may create your own personal branch, but please respect other personal branches. access

we are using jwt to protect the pages from unauthenticated access. after logging in you receive a jwt token which is valid for 24 hours. The token will be stored as a cookie and send with each request to Within the token is your mail address.

mercurial access

the mercurial repository is open for reading by everybody. If you want to push changes to the reposiroty, please use a "basic auth" configuration with the username / password you registered with.

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