The neuropil cybersecurity mesh displayed on this website is a registered trademark and the property of pi-lar GmbH. As of now, you are not permitted to use this trademark without the prior written consent of pi-lar GmbH.

Most important (for now), you may not use the trademark to:

  • appraise the security of your solution !

  • offer professional services (training / saas offers / consulting / …)

  • use the name "neuropil" as a noun or verb, please always use "neuropil cybersecurity mesh"

  • use the name in a manner that would imply our affiliation with or endorsement, sponsorship or support of a product or service

However, you may use the neuropil cybersecurity mesh without restriction (see License) for your own project or solution.

Detailed instructions how and when you may use the name "neuropil" will follow soon, but our main thoughts linger around "purpose", "contribution", "security" and "quality".

All rights reserved